The Intentional Woman Community

The safe space where women come to intentionally shift personally, professionally, and spiritually.

About the Community

This community was founded by Certified Life Coach Tiffany B., the Owner & Founder of Living Intentionally with Tiffany B. The Intentional Woman community is a safe space for women to kick-start or continue to gain momentum on their Living Intentionally journey. It is for the woman who wants to be around like-minded, motivated women who are intentional about vibrating higher, bossing up, and living life on purpose in order to make the most out of their journey. 

Why You Should Join Us

Simply put, The Intentional Woman Community is special. Life is abundant when the decision is made to 'do life on purpose.' This doesn't mean challenges won't arise but being surrounded by women that encourage, support, motivate, inspire, and love on you makes it that much easier. In this safe space you will receive just that! In addition, the foundation of the community is based upon all the things that it takes to intentionally vibrate higher.  Masterclasses, webinars, workshops, Q&A events, hangouts, networking, and even virtual pop-up shops are what you can expect to experience from this space. Coaches, facilitators, teachers, and every day people will be discussing a variety of topics that allow us to blossom into the Intentional Woman you were already destined to be!


A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to every Intentional woman that has made the conscious decision to join me on this Living Intentionally journey. The support never goes unnoticed and my heart smiles knowing that I am not alone. Words could never express my true gratitude but know that I am thankful! I hope that you gain MORE than you ever imagined inside of this very special space.